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You purchase the goods you want to sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy or any other Ecommerce platforms.

Send the goods directly to us.

We prep your products

We store the products

We then ship your items

Your products SELL on Amazon


Prep services specialist

1- Receive Your Goods
Once you have received the order from the supplier, we will inspect them and provide photos with any delivery faults. Also , if requires, we can provide a live video call service as well.

2- Prep Your Goods
After check-in we can prep your goods ready for sale. Whether this is Amazon FBA labels, poly bagging clothing, bubble wrapping bundles or creating a perfect looking product using boxes and inserts we have all bases covered. Print and apply the appropriate labels and notify you when the order is out the warehouse.

3- Ship Your Goods
if you are shipping bulk orders to Amazon FBA warehouses, we take care of all shipping options. We offer Pick and Pack for your E-commerce stores as well as plenty of other shipping options such as single unit post, boxed shipments or pallet shipments. We will customise according to your needs.

Full Inspection Of Delivered Goods

We provide you with the best of inspection services with pictures and details. Once you are satisfied then our team moves to the next step and send to the selling point. Top priority options are also available if you are running out of inventory at Amazon.

Quick & Reliable FBA PREP Services

We value our clients and work hard to earn their trust.