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Parcels Prices Price
Receiving goods, inspection, full detail of the product will be provided i.e size, weight and any expiry date Any damaged product, photo will be provided, 7 days storage included Prepare for shipping Booking for collection
£0.20 / unit
Parcels Prices Price
Pictures with the products for unlock category
£ 5 / Product
Parcels Prices Price
Apply FNSKU Label (or other labels)
£0.15 / unit
Parcels Prices Price
Poly-bag with suffocation warnings:
Standard Size
£ 0.25 / unit
Oversized Products over 45cm
£ 0.50 / unit
Parcels Prices Price
Bubble Wrapping:
Standard Size
£0.50 / unit
Oversized Products over 45cm
£ 1.00 / unit
Parcels Prices Price
Bundling (all inclusive: pack for max. 4 units + polybag + FNSKU label, + £0.10 for any extra unit)
£0.50 / Bundle
Oversized Products Bundle 40cm - 60cm
£ 1.00 / unit
Parcels Prices Price
Extra Fee for non-standard products:
(::)oversize (40-60cm) (::)overweight (1 – 3kg) (::)electronics & electrical)
£ 0.50 / product
(It is best to speak to us for any personalised quote depending on the products)
Parcels Prices Price
Forwarding parcels (only for parcels that will not be opened for product prep and will but sent directly to amazon) Maximum units per box: 25 products;
£0.15 per product for any extra unit.
£5 / unit


Package Details Price
Storage medium & large period (1 CMB is the minimum volume that can be reserved)
£ 25 / Month
A full Pallet is 120cm x 100cm x180cm, therefore its total CBM is 2.16(Speak to us for any personalises quote depending on the storage)
£ 45 / Month


Package Details Price
Pallet “all-inclusive” offer:
Shipping pallet from our depot to UK Amazon FBA depot, including Amazon standard size pallet (120 x 100 cm), parcels labelling and palletizing, wrapping foil, outside pallet shipping labels, Amazon booking, BOL (bill of lading) – Amazon maximum weight/height: 500 kg / 180 cm
£75 / Pallet
Standard individual services for pallets: No Minimum Limit
Package Details Price
Unloading or loading pallet
£ 5 / Pallet
Amazon standard size pallet cost (120 x 100 cm)
£ 10 / Pallet
Parcels Labelling and Palletizing
£ 0.2 / Box
Wrapping Foil & Outside Pallet Shipping Labels
£ 4 / Pallet
Amazon Booking
£ 8 / Pallet

New Cartons Available

Package Details Price
New Cartons Packages:
(::) Small (40x40x40) – £ 3.50

(::) Medium ( 61x46x46cm) – £ 4

(::) Large (61x61x61cm) – £ 4.50
Misc. Prices
Return from Amazon (If Regularly Using Our Services)

*Handling and Storage Charges Will Apply
£ 15 / Month*

Important notes:

We can provide live video call service if you need to check your shipments.

Please remember we are here to help you; it is your responsibility to determine which service you will require

for your amazon FBA products.

All prices excluded VAT which will be added at the current UK rate of 20%

After 7 days of items received storage fees will be incurred: £1 per CBM per day. Minimum fee is £30.

We Offer A Full Line Of Services For All Your STORAGE & FBA Prep needs.